Club de Muntanya Dements, in collaboration with the City Council of’Eslida and the City Council of Aín, organises the Dements event that will take place on Saturday 16th November 2024, the Marató dels Dements and the Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín on Sunday 17th November 2024.

On Saturday 16th November, the Marató dels Dements will coincide with the Marató dels Dements Skymaster of the Merrel Skyrunner® World Series (MSWS), managed by SkyMan S.A., and under the rules of the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF), with certain additional requirements that are detailed in its regulations:

Therefore, only who meet the requirements of the Skymaster rules will be eligible to compete in the Skymaster.

The MSWS 2024 is made up of 21 races in 14 countries in 4 continents (Skyrace the first 20 and Skymaster the last one, the Marató dels Dements), and its goal is to establish who are the best Skyrunner in the world.

Likewise, on Sunday 17th November, the Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín will coincide with the final of the Under 23 Category Youth Races of the MSWS, which will also be governed by the aforementioned regulations




The set of races that make up Dements, in the 2024 edition are two foot races, at national and international level, in the mountains and consisting of going through the heart of the Sierra Espadán passing through the municipalities of Eslida, Aín, Azuébar and Fondeguilla:

● Marató dels Dements with 42,5km and 3808 metres of elevation gain and loss

● Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín with 22,5km and 2007 metres of elevation gain and loss.

Athletes will have a maximum time to complete the test:

● 11 hours (Marató dels Dements)

● 5:30 horus. (Half Marathon of the Dements d’Aín)


Dements is based on ethics and core values shared by athletes, sponsors, volunteers and organisers.


Do not leave waste in nature, use the containers available, respect the flora and fauna, strictly follow the marked route without using shortcuts, mark with the bib number bars and gels. The organisers will use reusable or recyclable material whenever possible and will proceed to collect any waste substances along the route in order to preserve the environment and make sustainable use of the natural space that makes up the Serra d’Espadà Natural Park.

> Article 4. SOLIDARITY

The respect of runners, volunteers, sponsors and the public are essential elements of Dements.




The Marató dels Dements and the Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín, are technical and very hard mountain races carried out in semi-self-sufficiency, advising participants to be in very good physical condition and to have experience in this type of race, given the high level of exigency. These races are not, in any case, intended for beginner trail runners.

Participants will have to be prepared to manage sometimes difficult running conditions and a physical or mental state resulting from severe exhaustion.


The following categories will be established for the event:

a) Marató dels Dements

● Absolute men and absolute women.
This category includes the participants classified for the SkyMasters Marató dels Dements Category.

● SKYMASTER men and women.
They will participate in accordance with the Skyrunner® World Series regulations and its conditions of participation and classification.

 Senior men and women (born on or after 1 January 1985)

● Veterans men and women. From 40 to 49 years old (including all those born in 1984).

● Master men and women. Over 50 years old (including all those born in 1974).

● Local men and women, for those registered and/or born in Eslida or Ain.

c) Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Ain:

● Absolute men and Absolute women
This category includes the participants in the Final Under 23 Category Youth Races Trofeo Esteban Olivero

● Final Under 23 Category Youth Races Trofeo Esteban Olivero
Participants who qualify for the U23 MSWS Final will do so under the rules and conditions of participation and classification of the Skyrunner® World Series.

● Local men and women for those registered and/or born in Ain

Registration is open to anyone aged 18 on the day of the race for the Marató dels Dements and to anyone aged 16 on the day of the event for the Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Ain with family authorisation.

> Article 7. MONEY PRIZES and other trophies

● Trophies will be awarded to the first three men and women in the absolute classification of the Marató dels Dements, the Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín and trophies to the first three men and women in each category (men and women).

● The prizes in sporting or other material provided to the first classified in the different categories depend on the sponsors of the event and these Regulations may be altered in order to incorporate possible prizes.

In the Skymaster Marató dels Dements category, athletes who meet the classification criteria, according to the rules will receive the following prize money, both for the women and men categories:

In the Final Under 23 Category Youth Races Esteban Olivero Trophy, in the Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín, the economic prizes will be those determined by the regulations of the Skyrunner® World Series.

**Runners with prize money must provide the organisation with a bank account number via email, and once the results of the anti-doping test are negative, the money will be paid into the account within 90 days after the race date. In case of a positive anti-doping test, the athlete will not be entitled to receive cash prizes.

In the rest of the categories, trophies will be awarded to the first three classified in each category, except in the Marató dels Dements Absolute/Skymaster category, which, as mentioned above, will be awarded up to 10th place.

The prizes of the different categories are cumulative, except for the Skymaster category, which do not count for the rest of the categories except for the absolute category.

Trophies and prizes will be awarded only and exclusively to the winners, who will waive the right to these trophies/prizes if they are not present at the awards ceremony, as announced in the official programme. Any delegation to another person must be communicated and justified to the organisers at least one hour in advance.


Each race can only have one men and one women winner.

Any perceived tie will be determined by the official timing system or any other control system implemented by the organisation. In the case of a perfect tie, race direction and Skyman will make a final decision.

8.1. Photo finish line

The first two athletes must wait in the finish line area for the five athletes who qualify for the photo finish line.

The winner will be required to wear the “SWS Winner” garments supplied by Skyman.

8.2. Official podium

The ten best athletes in each category must attend the official podium/award ceremony. Their presence is compulsory in order to receive the prize money.


All participants in all events, including the Skymaster Marató dels Dements, may be subjected to anti-doping controls before, during and after the event. If any of the participants refuses to take the test, or if the result of the test is positive, this will result in automatic disqualification, as determined by the ISF regulations.

The In-Competition Prohibited List is the WADA Prohibited List in effect at the time of the Competition.


In order to validate the registration, it is essential to accept the regulations and to exempt the organisers from liability in the event of an accident or bodily injury suffered during or after the competition by accepting the statement of responsibility during the registration process.

All participants must be familiar with these regulations. Registration and participation in the event is deemed to signify acceptance of these regulations and the final provisions.

For all matters not covered by these regulations, the race will be based on the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) Regulations.

This race will be controlled by international referees of the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation).

> Article 11. INSURANCE and Skymaster’s image rights

The organisers of the event will take out civil liability and accident insurance for all participants, whether they are members of a federation or not. The insurance and the organisation will not be responsible for any consequences that may arise from irresponsible behaviour on the part of the runner.

The competitors participating in the Marató dels Dements Skymaster and Final 23 Under 23 Category Youth Races Esteban Olivero Trophy, classified or with invitation, are subject to the conditions and legal provisions of Skyman, organisers of the circuit, which are the following legal provisions:

● Each competitor must have a personal insurance against accidents and any damage.

● SkyMan SA is an independent entity from any organiser.

● Competitors participate in a competition at their own risk and responsibility. Competitors waive any claim or recourse against the organisers and SkyMan SA, whatever the damage suffered.

● In case of an accident, any liability of the organisers and SkyMan SA, its officers, employees, agents, assistants, volunteers is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

● Each competitor expressly permits the organisers and SkyMan SA, as well as its licensees and contractors, such as media and sponsors, to use images and films of the competition, including the preparation and follow-up phases, where they might appear in the context of their participation in a SWS race, in any media, including promotional and/or advertising documents and without limitation of time and space.

● Participation in the competition does not confer any right to use the race and/or the Series for promotional or commercial purposes. Any communication about the race or use of images from the race is prohibited without the express written permission of the organisers and/or SkyMan SA. Skyrunner® World Series is a registered trademark.


The registration fee will be:

● 60€ Marató dels Dements (65€ from 1 September 2024)

● 35 for the Mitja marató dels Dements d’Ain (40€ from 1st September 2024)

Registrations can be made through the event’s website

In case of justified reasons, registered participants will be entitled to a refund of 75% of the registration fee until 30 September 2024, and 50% from 1 October 2024 to 20 October 2024 inclusive if requested at . From 21 October 2024 onwards, there will be no refund whatsoever.

Any woman who, after formalising her registration and obtaining a race bib, is not able to participate in Dements for reasons of pregnancy and justifies this before 3 November 2024, by emailing, will be refunded 100% of the registration fee, and will also have the preferential right to register for a period of three years in any race of Dements. It will be necessary to provide a written confirmation of pregnancy signed by accredited medical personnel.

A change of race mode or change of registration name will be allowed, subject to availability of places up to and including 20 October 2024, and respecting the waiting lists managed by the organiser. The change of modality will entail an administration fee of 10 € and the difference will be paid in case of opting for a higher ranking event, or the difference will be refunded in case of opting for a lower ranking event. The change of registration name will have an administration cost of 10 €, both in the Marató dels Dements and in the Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín.

At the close of registration, a waiting list will be activated on the platform, which will cover any cancellations in strict order. If the registration is accepted while on the waiting list, the participant will have five days to formalise it. Once the deadline has passed, the registration will be rejected and the participant will be excluded from the waiting list.

> Article 14. REGISTRATION

Registration includes:

● Tech Talk/Virtual Briefing

● Liquid and solid refreshments during and at the end of the race.

● Health care

● Massage in the finish area

● Shower and cloakroom facilities

● Runner’s bag according to partners and sponsors

● Time report and online diploma via the mychip website

● Finisher medal


Registration will open on Saturday 29th June 2024 at 12:00pm on the website A maximum of 600 entries will be accepted for the Marató dels Dements, and 400 entries for the Mitja marató dels Dements d’Aín. The organisers and Skyman can reserve places between the two races that make up the event for possible commitments with sponsors and collaborators.


> Article 16. SCHEDULE (To be confirmed, it will be communicate on the web and social networks the week before the race)

Friday 15 November

● 17:30-20:30h – Collection of race bibs in the sports area of Eslida.

● 18:30-20:30h – Presentation of elite runners in the sports area of Eslida.

Saturday 16th November

● 6:00-7:15h – Collection of race bibs in the sports area of Eslida

● 7.30am START OF THE MARATHON OF THE DEMENTS at the Eslida sports centre, Príncipe Felipe Street, closing at 6.30pm.

● From 16h. – Presentation of trophies and gifts of the Marató dels Dements in the sports area of Eslida.

● 19:30h – Skymaster awards ceremony in the sports area of Eslida.

Sunday 17 November

● 06:30-07:45h -Race Bibs collection at Sorribes Fuster Square.

● 08:00h START OF THE MITJA MARATÓ DELS DEMENTS D’AIN and of the Final Under 23 Category Youth Races Esteban Olivero Trophy -In the Plaza José Sorribes Fuster with closing time at 13.30h

● Presentation of trophies and gifts from 13.30h in the Plaza Sorribes Fuster.


Both in the Marató dels Dements on Saturday and in the Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín, the start of the races will be carried out jointly in different starting boxes, according to the number assigned by the organisation and Skyman, ranges of which will be specified and communicated to the participants.



Marató dels Dements

There will be a cut-off time checkpoint for the Marató dels Dements at KM 18(Ombria del Batalla) in 4h, at KM 27(Coll de la Íbola))in 7h and at KM 34 in 8h30. Runners who have exceeded these cut-off times will be redirected for safety reasons to the next checkpoint where their race bib will be taken away.

Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín

There will be a checkpoint for the Mitja Marató dels Dements d’Aín at KM 10 (BARRANC DE LA CARITAT) at 2:45h, and at KM 18,2 (COLL DE BARRES) at 4:45h. Runners who have exceeded these cut-off times will be redirected/transported for safety reasons to the next checkpoint where their bibs will be taken away.

It will be the members of the organisation identified as the LAST RUNNER OF THE RACE who will have the power to withdraw the bib number at the cut-off time controls for those who do not pass them.

> Article 18. ROUTE

The races that make up the Dements event run almost exclusively along mountain trails and paths, most of which are part of a G.R, P.R or S.L. During the race, the runners will run through the heart of the Sierra Espadán, passing through such emblematic points as: Pico Espadán, Barranc del Roig, Puntal de L’Aljub, Alto de La Batalla, Alto de La Costera, Penya Blanca, La Mosquera, etc… The runners are subject, just like any other visitor, to the rules that govern the Serra Espadà Natural Park.


There will be several types of refreshment posts distributed along the Marató dels Dements and Marató dels Dements Skymaster routes:

● Light (water) – Km 6,8

● Consistants (drinks, sweet foods, salty foods, supplementation) – Km Km 10,4 – 15,4 – 21 – 27 – 30 – 34 – 40 and finish LINE.

● Feminine hygiene products will be available to athletes at all refreshment posts.

There will be 4 refreshment posts distributed along the route of the Mitja d’Ain – Km 6.8 – 13,5 – 18,2 finish line.

It is recommended and totally advisable to leave each refreshment post with full water containers, especially at refreshment post number 7, Casa de Mosquera, of the Marató dels Dements, km 34.

For reasons of sustainability and ethics, there will be no glasses at the refreshment posts, so runners must bring their own container of liquids.


The presentation of an identity document with photograph will be required for the collection of the chip, race bib and runner’s bag.

The collection of the race bib and runner’s bag by third parties is permitted on presentation of a photo of an identity document with photo and an authorisation signed by the person holding the registration.

No safety pins will be distributed with the race bib, each athlete must have it provided in order to ensure that the bib is securely fastened.

In no case may it be exchanged with a third person without the approval of the Dements Career Management.

During the race the race bib must always remain visible on the front of the runner.

In case of discovery on the day of the race of participants with swapped bibs, they will be excluded for life from participation in this event.

The runner’s bag will only be handed out during the timetable established for the collection of bibs and in the space set up for incidents until the finish line closes, both Saturday and Sunday. Under no circumstances will the bag be sent at the end of the event if it has not been collected during the established times.


For all races:

● T-shirt (or similar) and trousers (or similar)

● Thermal blanket

● Whistle

● Minimum water reserve of 1L. It must be refilled at each refreshment post with special emphasis on km 21 (compulsory from 11am) and km 34 of the Marató dels Dements and the Marató dels Dements Skymaster (compulsory from 1pm) and km 13,5 (compulsory from 10am) of the Mitja marató dels Dements d’Ain.

● Thermosealable windbreaker with hood with a minimum of 10,000 columns of waterproofing and breathability (depending on the weather, the organisation may exclude the obligation, although it is advisable).

● Full charging mobile phone with GPS connected.

Additional for the Marató dels Dements:

● Headlamp or similar for all those who pass through the material control with a time exceeding 4h (with this measure we ask you to be consistent given the dates, so anyone who expects to be above these times should take it into account).

There will be a material control at km 21 of the Marathon. The obligatory material will be checked for each participant. It will be up to each runner to show the obligatory material to those responsible for the control. Runners who do not have the obligatory material will have their race bibs taken away and will be disqualified.


Personal assistance will be tolerated exclusively at the official refreshment points, with the exception of the delivery of poles, which may take place at any point along the course.

It is forbidden to accompany the runner during the course outside the refreshment areas.

No other external assistance will be accepted.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a penalty each time it occurs.


Competitors may withdraw on their own initiative or be forced to do so by members of the organisation.

Except in case of injury, it will only be possible to abandon the race at a checkpoint, and it will not be possible to return in the opposite direction of the race. If this point is not accessible by vehicle, the participant will have to reach the nearest evacuation point by his/her own means. It is forbidden to leave the marked route without informing the organisation and without being duly authorised to do so.


The organisers may momentarily stop a runner or force him/her to abandon the race if they consider that his/her condition endangers his/her physical integrity or safety.

> Article 25. METEOROLOGY

In case of adverse weather conditions, the organisers reserve the right to neutralise the race, modify the route, cut-off times, the start time of the race and even cancel the race in accordance with the observations of the 112 of the GVA. An alternative route of 35.7 km and 3040+ is planned if necessary.

The non-holding of any of the races for the reasons mentioned in the previous section will not give the right to a refund of the registration fee, and the organisation will be responsible for finding an alternative date.


The organisation shall monitor the application of the rules and its members shall have the right to disqualify riders if:

● They leave the route by taking a short cut.

● They receive assistance outside of the refreshment areas

● They leave rubbish on the course (we will be very strict on this point, the sanction will imply disqualification and the impossibility to participate for life in the event).

● They do not assist a person in difficulty (wounded, severe exhaustion, hypothermia, etc…).

● They do not pass through a checkpoint.

● They leave a checkpoint after the cut-off time.

● Transfer of bibs to third parties.

● Attempt against the health of another runner or member of the organisation.

● Failure to wear the bib clearly visible.

Other penalties:

● Not having the compulsory equipment when passing the equipment check.

We will be very strict with disqualifications and penalties, we believe that each and every runner should compete under the same conditions (except for the level of physical condition, which depends on each runner).

In addition to these rules, the race will be governed by the competition rules of the ISF and the Merrel Skyrunner® World Series (MSWS), managed by SkyMan SA, and under the rules of the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF):

> Article 27. COMPLAINTS

Complaints may be submitted to the race jury. These must be submitted no later than 1 hour before the prize distribution of the race.

> Article 28. Compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 on the protection of personal data, image and publicity. IMAGE RIGHTS

All participants waive the right to use their image and authorise the organisation and its sponsors to freely use and publish any photograph or video recorded in the context of the race.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, participants give their consent for their data to be included in an automated file owned by the organisation.

The Organisation reserves the exclusive rights to the images, photographs, videos and information of the event in which the participants may appear, as well as to use this material for advertising, public relations or any other journalistic or promotional purpose of the event.

Any media or publicity project must have the prior consent of the Organisation.

By registering for the event, participants give their data and consent to the organisation processing their data for the management of the competition, as well as for any promotional purposes related to their participation in the event involving sponsors or collaborators of the event.

All persons who so request may exercise their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data and images by sending an e-mail to the following address: