For the support teams and public of the Marató and the Mitja dels Dements d’Eslida we recommend three access points (apart from the start/finish in Eslida) easily accessible on foot from Eslida and Aín respectively:


  • Refreshment 2, Font de Matilde: About 15 minutes walking from Eslida, along the Camí del Llavador, which is also one of the points of interest of Eslida. (Only Saturday)
  • From refreshment point 2 until the trail that goes up to Puntal de L’Aljub begins, it is also an easy point to follow with direct access from Eslida. Caution, for a few meters the race runs along the road. In addition, you can take the opportunity to visit the Castle of Eslida, currently under restoration.
  • Refreshment 4 in Aín (Start and Finish line on Sunday)
  • Refreshment 6, Barranc de La Caritat: you can travel by car to Aín (5km from Eslida), and walk about 20 minutes to reach this point. In addition, you will pass by interesting points such as L’Arc or water mills. And making a small detour, you can also visit the Castle of Benialí. This point doesn’t have refreshment point on Sunday, but it is a point of assistance
In general, except for the Eslida - Aín route, we do not recommend traveling by car, since the access to the different points is by tertiary roads and rural roads, with the risk that this entails and the possibility of hindering the access of the organization's vehicles or emergency vehicles.